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The path to freedom often requires you to get lost in the Unknown

Create Your Own Path

Why getting Lost makes sense

Garrett Lazaro - CEO & Co-Founder

This mission began when I lost my best friend to suicide the amount of pain I felt was unbearable it broke me down and showed me how short life can be. But it also gave me the tools necessary to create something as powerful as this company. Life showed me in previous years how hard it can be, how alone one can truly feel in life. I have suffered with mental health in the recent years I’ve gone through Depression, Suicidal thoughts, Emptiness, and loneliness. My main reason for creating this brand and company is to build a network of supporters that will guide those who are lost in life, those who don’t know where to go or who to talk to and even those that don’t know what to say. I understand the struggle of reaching out and I see it as a problem because not everyone can just open up about Their problems and I understand how it feels to not want to talk to someone because it feels like it is forced help people want to reach out to someone who they know is helping them because they truly want to help them, our mission is to base a collective network of mental health advocates around a clothing brand to show their support, We want people to look at our brand as a reason to reach out, We want people to see people in our clothes and be able to talk to them about there struggles because they will know that they can help. The path in our independent lives can be scary it can be a rocky road with huge mountains in the way we are here to guide people down the path, to teach people how to create their own path. 

We Are Here, We Are One

Dee Brooks - CFO & Co-Founder

My journey into the Unknown began back in February of 2018 when I got awful news about an injury that altered my world completely. I then found myself in a state of depression where i felt trapped and confused. I felt alone and as if there was no one I could reach out to that wouldn't judge me for my thoughts and emotions. It was from that point on where I entered the Unknown of where life would take me but trusting that everything would be fine as long as I didn't give up on myself. Being apart of sports my entire existence helped me develop that mentality and strength that truly saved me from the multiple suicide attempts I made. With understanding that not everyone has that ability to be that mentally strong, I wanted to create a platform that would be of assistance to that group of individuals that feel and struggle with those emotions daily. Within the past months there have been multiple young men from my community that have committed suicide and its a tough pill to swallow. I took it upon myself to use it as motivation to get our message out there more and to be the change I wanted to see. I invest every once of my mind, body and soul into this company because of the impact it will have, saving billions of lives within this universe.

"Be Strong Because You Are, Not Because You Have To" - Dee Brooks

Alicia Spencer - Head of Design & Co-Founder

My path on this Unknown journey began when my whole world was completely flipped upside down. Within the year of 2018 my mother, father and grandma all passed away. My mother and father passed away 2 months from each other, earlier in the year and my grandmother shortly after Christmas. I was devastated and found myself into a deep state of depression. Truthfully in that moment in time nothing mattered ... I didn't matter. I was completely lost, days and nights constantly seemed like one large blur. I created unhealthy relationships, eating habits, and I felt that I was alone. My foundation was broken down right in front of me, I had no control and I felt as if I needed to handle this situation all by myself.

However on my journey I have learned that Healing is such an amazing process and honestly one of the most challenging, yet it is also absolutely the most rewarding. I knew on this path that I wanted to be an active advocate for Mental Health Awareness for all individuals across the Globe creating a platform designed to assist everyone who feels lost, alone, drained and depressed. I decided to take control over my life, truly doing and accomplishing exactly what I want everyday, I want to show my people we can all truthfully attract everything we've ever desired by getting lost in finding growth within yourself on this beautiful Journey of The Unknown.

"Without Courage We Cannot Practice Any Other Virtue With Consistency. We Can't Be Kind, True, Merciful, Generous, Or Honest" - Maya Angelou

The Safe Haven Mission